How a tree service company used question based articles to grow awareness and increase leads

Key Results: 736 additional website visitors from these specific articles 22 leads attributed to articles Background Blogging (or content marketing as we prefer to call it) is an integral part of your SEO strategy. But where do you start? What do you write about? Targeting Bottom of the Funnel Keywords We often get lost in [...]

How a tree care company used permit pages to capture search demand

Background Alongside with a solid location pages strategy, we also love to implement tree permit pages for new tree care SEO clients. The reason we love creating these articles (both a permit page and tree preservation bylaws page), is that it always seems to be untapped resource. Simply by getting a page up on the [...]

How a local tree care company expanded their reach with a location pages strategy

We love implementing the location pages strategy. It's typically untapped and less competitive. We love implemented this as part of a tree service SEO strategy. People often think that you need to have a physical presence in that area to set this up. Well you don't. But obviously, you need to be able to serve [...]

How a local tree service business grew organic traffic by 72% in under 12 months

Key results Achieved 72% organic growth year on yearSales increased by 36%Achieved positions #2 and #3 for high priority keywords Background Results are never immediate with SEO. There is always a lag period following the execution of an SEO campaign. Often this can be 3 months, or over 6 months. The more competitive the keyword, [...]

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