About Monalo Media

We Solve Marketing Problems

We’re CRAZY about Marketing

We follow marketing gurus..
We listen to marketing podcasts..
We read the latest marketing blogs..
We test and retest new marketing tactics..
We do all that….
So you don’t have to.

Local SEO Vancouver - No-Nonsense Marketing

What we do.. in a nutshell

Monalo Media helps local businesses boost their online visibility and increase customer interactions, in order to deliver more leads and help grow their business. 

We don’t do once off gigs.

We build strategy together to align your business goals.

We want you to get more customers.

That’s all we focus on.

The root of the problem (why you need marketing)

Small businesses suffer from random acts of marketing..

Sporadic, loose, and ineffective marketing efforts which result in overwhelm, frustration, and lack of confidence.

And it’s simply because they’re missing the structure and willingness to make it work.

If this is you.. you need a Marketing System

Overwhelmed man

Our Philosophy

Marketing should answer these questions..

  1. Do you understand MY problem.
  2. How you can solve my problem.
  3. Prove you have done it for someone else.
  4. Tell me what to do next.

Our Philosophy

Marketing should answer these questions..

  1. Do you understand MY problem.
  2. How you can solve my problem.
  3. Prove you have done it for someone else.
  4. Tell me what to do next.

Our Mission

The Perfect Blend Of Immediate ROI and
Sustainable Marketing Growth

The Monalo.io Method 

The perfect blend of immediate ROI and long term marketing gains

 Your Marketing Strategy Is nothing without dual focus. 

Strategy must be both;

  • Short term
  • Long term

Play the Short Game and the Long Game

PPC campaigns will help boost your sales, SEO will help bolster your future.

Focus on Foundations and Systems


Most local businesses don’t have the foundations in place to capture opportunities.

There is a minimum requirement in order to compete online and if you’re not checking off the the boxes, you won’t stand a chance.

Without the foundations there is no hope that they can create their marketing system

We work with businesses to implement the foundations and then we look at building your marketing system.

Marketing Systems

The key lesson we’ve learned is that your marketing system must have Immediacy and Longevity. 

We know you need more customers today. And we know you want to need long term organic growth. 

“play the Short Game and the Long Game”

Meet The Founder

Gavin O'Halloran
Gavin O'HalloranChief Marketing Guy

Born and raised in Ireland, Gavin has made Vancouver his home since 2015. A digital marketer by trade with a Masters in Marketing as well many Digital Marketing certifications under his belt. Come to Gavin to solve your marketing problems.

Local SEO 100%
Digital Strategy 100%
Customer Acquisition 100%
Marketing Systems 100%
PPC Campaigns 100%

About Us:

Monalo Media has been a growing full-service Digital Marketing Agency for the past 3 years. Our team consists of high-skilled marketing professionals, as well as trusted collaboration partners, in the areas of SEO, PPC, Content Strategy, Web Design, Google Analytics, CRMs, and Marketing Systems. 

Everything that we do here at Monalo Media is to bring focus back to what’s important.. customer acquisition. We will help you find your marketing system so that you can have a steady flow of new prospects. 

Our methodology includes a strategy-first approach, which helps us deliver both short term immediate ROI, but also long term organic growth. Businesses need both, more customers today and organic growth over time. Our goal is to help 1000 businesses use their marketing function to grow and dominate in their respective markets.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Planning, Opportunity Mapping & Actionable Marketing Gameplans