Key Results:

  1. 736 additional website visitors from these specific articles
  2. 22 leads attributed to articles


Blogging (or content marketing as we prefer to call it) is an integral part of your SEO strategy. But where do you start? What do you write about?

Targeting Bottom of the Funnel Keywords

We often get lost in the weeds of content marketing thinking it’s all about bringing people into the top of the funnel. I mean, if we can skip the top and bring them in right at the bottom, when they are ready to buy, wouldn’t that be a way better strategy?

Not many SEO agencies will arm you with a bottom of the funnel SEO content strategy. I have heard this more as of late, building from the ground up. Developing your bottom of the funnel content first, and then moving upwards from there.

Top of funnel examples (intent is not clear)

It’s hard to say if these people will need tree care SEO services. Right now they are seeking out information related to a problem they are having. A portion of these people will DIYers and that’s always going to be the case.

  • How to prune a tree properly?
  • What does leaf discolouration in fall mean?

Bottom of funnel examples (intent is more clear)

These questions present more intent to purchase. Sounds like they are aware of their problem and are seeking help.

  • Can I cut down a tree on my property?
  • How does it cost to cut down a tree?
  • How much does an arborist cost?

The Strategy

We love to implement articles on the website related to the question based content. ‘How’, ‘Can I’, ‘Do I need’, etc.

Often these can be served on a page for tree permits and preservation bylaws in that region. This always seems to be untapped resource. Simply by getting a page up on the tree care companies website with clear and informative information about the rules and regulations, including bylaws, we’re able to capture additional search traffic. The customer intent is strong, they are actively researching for information about removing/pruning a tree. So we want to capture this traffic.

Some actions we took to find the blog ideas and build the plan

  1. Keyword research using Google Search Console
  2. Content research – using SEO tools as well as Google search page to help us find suitable topics.
  3. Competitor research – to figure out if we can build a similar page and leapfrog the competition
  4. Executing the creation of the blogs and getting them indexed
  5. Internal linking from other pages on the website to this new page


Screenshot shows the clicks from Google for high value bottom of the funnel keywords.