Alongside with a solid location pages strategy, we also love to implement tree permit pages for new tree care SEO clients.

The reason we love creating these articles (both a permit page and tree preservation bylaws page), is that it always seems to be untapped resource.

Simply by getting a page up on the tree care companies website with clear and informative information about the rules and regulations, including bylaws, we’re able to capture some traffic. And better yet, its’ locally focussed content, so there is a strong chance the person reading needs your service.

The thought process (backed up with data)

Homeowners need answers. And they will go to Google for the answer. The common question we are targeting include:

Do you need a permit to take down a tree?
What are the tree protected in [city]?

Most cities have some Tree Preservation Bylaws in place. There usually is a classification of protected trees based on size, or species. And people needs answers to this.

Why it works?

The information that the homeowner needs is usually on the Local Municipality websites. However, a lot of these websites are crap. Some are ok, if they’ve recently been revamped, but others are not. And that presents an opportunity. People will search using varies queries, for example.

  • Can I cut down a tree on my property?
  • Are Arbutus trees protected in [city]?
  • Do I need a permit?
  • Where is the tree permit application?

So we build out a page on the client website to capture that search demand. This page will have helpful information related to tree permits and bylaws in that area. And we like to do this because the competition is lower. We have a strong chance at showing up in Google if we build a good resource.


In a few short month we started seeing traffic on the Tree Permit & Bylaws page.

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