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Google Ads Workshop:

Google Ads Unlocked: Common Pitfalls and Winning Strategies

This workshop is for those who are spending money on Google Ads and feel like they should be getting more out of it.

The curse of Google Ads is that while the system has the potential to be amazing, the settings out of the box are not going to help you achieve desired results. The system is not going to tell you when you are poorly spending your budget.

Most small businesses who jump into it are in the dark and at the mercy of the machine. They don’t really know what is going on under the hood and how to properly manage it.

In this workshop we’ll walk through the some common Red Flags we see, and offer some strategies to set you up for success and start getting results.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

✅ Account Red flags (and how to avoid them)
✅ Essential Campaign configs – 5 key settings to switch off
✅ Changes to Google Ads in the last 12 months (there has been a lot)
✅ Conversion tracking basics
✅ Brief look at Performance Max Campaigns
✅ Why YouTube ads could be your secret ticket
✅ Case studies: Google Ads failures and Success stories
✅ Quick overview of Merchant Centre (for eCommerce stores)
✅ Q&A

Giveaways and Freebie
Of course it wouldn’t be a workshop with a giveaway and some freebies.
🚀 A draw for a $50 Amazon Voucher
🚀 Our complete negative keywords list
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Google ads unlocked workshop - common pitfalls and winning strategies

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About Us:

Monalo is an SEO and Google Ads Agency in operation since 2019. Our team consists of high-skilled marketing professionals, as well as trusted collaboration partners, in the areas of SEO, PPC, Content Strategy, Web Design, Google Analytics, CRMs, and Marketing Systems. 

Everything that we do here at Monalo is to bring focus back to what’s important.. customer acquisition. We will help you find your marketing system so that you can have a steady flow of new prospects. 

Our methodology includes a strategy-first approach, which helps us deliver both short term immediate ROI, but also long term organic growth. Businesses need both, more customers today and organic growth over time. Our goal is to help 1000 businesses use their marketing function to grow and dominate in their respective markets.