Advertising for your companies brand name in search is a topic that’s come up time and time again.

If you consider mobile-only, then, although someone might search for your company name, there is a chance that 3 Ads could appear ahead of you. And we know how hot Mobile real estate is. Nowadays, mobile are not getting half way down through the organic results, so it puts anyone who’s outside of the top #4 with a real tough shot at clicks.

So even if your brand name is queried and you’re the #1 organic. With 3 Ads ahead of you, that could leave you as #4! Pretty shitty, eh?

It this scenario it makes sense to advertise for your own brand name.

The argument against is, what if the users clicks my Ad and not the organic listing. Obviously preferably you want them to click your organic search result, to avoid paying.

So the questions beg itself.

Is it worth paying for a click to avoid your competitor stealing potential traffic away?

In very competitive industries you’ll see companies bidding for Ads on their competitors company name.¬† This can work very well. Ads can be seen both in Search and in Google Maps

The answer can “how much do i value the traffic coming into the website?”. If the only way you are generating new business is through the website, and you have a competitor advertising on your Brand Name. Then it’s probably a good idea to put some dollars into Google Ads for your company name.

I saw this example with one of our clients. A competitor advertising hard on Google Maps, in the listing and on the Map itself.