Reviews, testimonials, customer stories.. are the lifeblood of your online presence.

Prospective clients want to see that you are trustworthy, that you have worked with people similar to themselves, and that you can actually solve their problem.

The best way is to get more reviews is to send a personal email to each client once you have delivered a service to them. A personal thank you with a link to you preferred Review platform, is the simplest method to achieve more reviews.

It’s Damn Important

Reviews are so important, yet a lot of small businesses miss this element of the Customer Journey


Know –> like –> trust –> try –> buy


Notice what’s missing?

Know –> like –> trust –> try –> buy –> repeat –> refer


Don’t be shy.. ask for that review (if you’ve earned it).




Which Platform should I use? Google reviews, Yelp, Homestars.

Use our 50-25-25 rule

  • 50% push reviews to Google
  • 25% push to Yelp
  • 25% push to 1 other relevant source depending on your industry) ie Homestars, Trust Pilot,


What if you don’t have time to send personal emails to your clients?

Well, you could automate the process.

Here are 3 review boosting automation tools that can help you


3 review automation tools


$75 / mth


$75 / mth

$45 / mth


Other ways to drive more reviews

Offer an incentive, like a discount off next purachse

Send them a care package by mail. If you want to build raving fans, then consider a mega after-sales package, mailed to their address.

Vidoe Testimonials – these are Gold. Ask your happiest, most energitic customer to record a 30 -60 second testimonials which you can showcase online

Happy reviewing