How to Market Your Appraisal Business - by Monalo Media
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93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

And for the jewelry appraisal business that’s no different.

There is no denying that having a strong digital presence will help you capture more attention and generate more business.

So with that in mind let’s look at some good marketing strategies to capture more attention and gain more bookings.

Digital Marketing for your jewelry appraisal practise - Monalo Media

Why your Jewelry Appraisal business need marketing

You can only rely so much on referrals and word of mouth.

If you’re trying to build and expand your appraisal business, you need to have a digital marketing system performing like clockwork, to drive more traffic to your website and fill your appointments calendar.

There are a whole host of marketing activities you can initiate for your jewelry appraisal business, so let’s dive in and explore!

What are some great marketing strategies

What are the Best Marketing Strategies for a Jewelry Appraisal business?

You marketing strategies have 2 key elements;

#1 Getting found
#2 Earning Trust

First you need to get found online by potential appraisal customer and bring these prospects to your website

Secondly, once you’ve captured their attention, you need to showcase a great first impression and reputation. 

Google My Business (and Google Maps)

This is key to your getting found by potential clients.

Make sure you have your Google My Business account setup, that you have filled out your profile entirely (with the correct category and business description), add photos, use the blog feature provided.

For help with getting started check out our guide, How to create a Google My Business Page,

Google My Business – what is looks like on the outside

Google My Business profile page

Google My Business – what is looks like on the inside (the dashboard)

Why is Google My Business important?

When potential clients are searching for gemologist to have their precious items appraised, it gives your company a chance of showing up.

Here’s an example of a search from Chicago.

Jewelry Appraisal Google Search example

Because these companies have their Google My Business profile optimised, they’re showing up first when someone searches “jewelry appraisal”

Top of the Funnel Marketing Strategies (aka getting new people in the door)

#1 – Free online networking. (Get out there) 

Take advantage of as much free online networking opportunities as possible

Google search ‘chamber of commerce + city’

Google search ‘business networking events+ city’

#2 Google Ads

Should an appraisal company run Google Ads?

Google Ads are very effective because they give you front row advantage. You are paying for the right to be there.

Costs can vary from $2 – $6 per click depending on how competitive your location is.

Here’s an example of a google ad for “jewelry appraisal”, notice the the Ads are at the top and then the organic (natural listings) follow afterwards.

Example of a Google Ad for a Jewelry Appraisal Business

Example of a Google Ad for a Jewelry Appraisal Business

jewelry appraisal - Google search explained

Middle of the Funnel (building your credibility)

You’ve got to remember that your prospective clients often do their research first. They might not be quick to make a decision, and especially if they have never had an appraisal before, they don’t know what the process is like.

Most prospective clients will do their due diligence by researching to help them better understand what an appraisal will give them.

#1 Email Marketing

email marketingimage credit

First step, communicate with prospects, clients, and partners that you are open for business, and that you’ve taken all the precautions.

Contact List Segmentation

Ideally you’ll have your contacts separated by service and date.

For those clients that have had their items appraised in the last 6 months, are probably not ideal candidates to get another appraisal. But those clients from over 6 or 12 months ago, could now be looking to sell / buy jewelry.

Dont have an email marketing solution in place yet? is a free platform. You can export the contact list from your appraisal software or from another CRM (customer database), or from XL, and you can import into the solution.

#2 Seek out referral partners

What other referral partners do you have who can spread the word about your business?

The idea here is to grab their contacts details and send them a personal direct message, inviting them to chat with you.

  • Insurance companies
  • Lawyers
  • Jewelry Stores

There are three approaches here;

  1. Add them on Linkedin and start the conversation
  2. Go to their website, grab their email and send them a note introducing yourself.
  3. Call them

Strategies for your website

Website Marketing Strategies for jewelry Appraisal Companies

Lead Capture Mechanism (aka. a place the user to give their email in exchange for a downloadable)

It’s important to have something for your website visitors to take home with them.

By having a lead magnet (PDF resource) and a lead capture mechanism (a popup form), you stand a better chance of capturing information from your visitors.

Here’s one example:

The pop-up is activated after the user has been on the website for a period of time.. usually 5 seconds.

You can also configure it as an “exit intent” popup. Whereby the popup is triggered when the likely to exit the page. (movement towards the top screen X button)

Lead Magnet example for Jewelry Appraisers - Selling your jewelry

In this example the PDF resource was a “Guide to selling your jewelry”

There are so many options You can think of many different ones

“What to expect from your first appraisal”
“5 Questions you should ask a jewellery appraiser prior to hiring their services”
“The 6 best places for buying and selling jewelry”

Think of some other ones that could be relevant to your audience in this moment.

Update your website messaging

Typically there are a few distinct messages that jewelry appraisers want to communicate. The client is either looking to;

  • Insure their jewelry
  • Buy new jewelry
  • Sell jewelry
  • Litigation appraisals
  • or, New purchase confirmation

If we take a look at the market as it is now (April 2020), it might be a good idea to update the messaging to “Selling your jewelry?”

People are still searching for appraisal services. They’re likely doing more research as we spoke about already, so if can provide them with additional information in the forms of FAQs, “Getting your first jewelry appraisal”, or “What’s involved in the appraisal service”.

Having this information available for the website visitor will help educate them and move them closer booking an appointment.


A Webchat provides another method of communication for your customers to engage with you and ask questions.

With the growth in mobile device usage and apps such Whatsapp, Messenger, WeChat etc.. the method of chatting is becoming the chosen method of communication for many people.

Webchat for jewelry appraisal business

There are many great free options.

Some have their own native app, others you can connect with a Facebook messenger account.

We like Manychat, PureChat, and RePlain

Some other easy wins

Facebook shout-outs – look for local groups

Many Chamber of Commerce are providing free “shout-outs” for local businesses. Check out the groups in your city and what sort of promotion they can provide for you.

Look for other community and business related groups. Right now is a great time to capture some free exposure as everyone is supporting each other through these times.

Linkedin strategies

Linkedin is a fantastic medium to share your experience in front of a captive audience.

Linkedin strategies – start blogging about various gem topics.

Pick a core topic and write 4 blogs about it. Then pick a new topic.

Social Media activity – keep top of mind

Social Media – continue to post stay active and stay top of mind.

Marketing / sales; I’ve copied in the ideas that I suggested in the last email.

Have you thought further about this?

I think we can get a mailchimp out to the contact database.

Bonus Strategy: Adapting Your Services

Communicate Appraisal Service adjustments

Example of service adjustments

  • Clients must sanitize their hands before entering, using dispenser at the entrance 
  • Appraiser will be wearing a protection mask, and clients are encouraged to do the same.
  • Clients should wash their jewellery items, especially rings, prior to appointment.
  • For Diamond rings, a good way to clean your diamond rings is with dish soap, hot water and an old toothbrush.
  • During your appraisal we will use our ultrasonic cleaner with disinfectant to ensure that your jewellery will be sparkling clean for proper inspection.
  • We are limiting capacity for each appraisal session to 1 client. Family and friends are welcome to wait in the waiting area.
  • Additional payments options via transfer are also available. 

Virtual consultations

Some prospective clients are still going to be hesitant. They want help but they are not just ready yet to come in with their items. So having a service for these clients is important.

And then use Zoom to organize your free video appraisal.

Virtual Valuation day

If you wanted to go a step further and make a big splash event to organise a Virtual Appraisal Day. Here is an example from an Fellows Auctions who ran the first ever virtual valuation day

Book 30 minutes slots, with a capacity of 12 slots.

How To Take Action

Anticipate that prospective clients will do the due diligence, to research and read reviews before they choose your services. So where do you need to focus your efforts to help these prospective clients to become more educated.

Some questions to help you get started and put a plan in place that’s gonna help you get more customers.

1. Do you need more new customers in the door?

a. Consider Google Ads first and Google Remarketing Ads

TIP: Make sure that your conversion tracking is setup correctly so you can test the effectiveness of the campaign. 

b. Email your old client database list, those over 6 months.

2. Do you have a segmented list of prospects, a social following?

Communicate again via email

3. Seek out referral partners. 

Ask around, ask within your networks for connections to insurance brokers and lawyers etc.

Use Linkedin to build connections with the type of referral partners you are looking for.

4. Make website adjustments

Update your messaging, add a webchat function