How To Grow Your Domain Authority

Presented Live at BNI Online – Nov 19th

How To Grow Your Domain Authority?

What’s domain authority?
Domain Authority(or DA) is the SEO industry’s best method of identifying how Google values your website. It’s basically your online reputation.

The scores are from 1-100.. 1 being a low reputation and 100 being high. Forbes, CNN, are in the 90s and considered highly reputable. The better your DA, the better your online reputation, and the more visibility you have in front of potential customers.

In this presentation you will learn;
1. A little bit more about how Google works
2. What Domain Authority means for you and your business
3. How you can grow your own website’s Domain authority (which in turn will bring you more visibility and more customers)

This talk is for you if you want to grow your brands online visibility and attract more customers.


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