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Future Of Content Marketing

Too much content, not enough time. (for the users to consume it all)

If it’s not excellent, you’re fall into the middle of the crappy overlooked pack. And become one of many who are stuck on page 2 or lower.

Some hard content marketing facts

  • If it’s not entertaining, no1 is going to give you even a glance.
  • Companies with bigger budgets are able to churn out better content more frequently.
  • Customers are becoming harder to engage with

So the question for the reader… is content marketing dying out?

Should I bother at all with content marketing?


Important Content Marketing trends

  1. Content Collaborating

“Content collaboration means working with other people (inside and/or outside your company) on creating and marketing your content asset.”

You might be able to find content collaborators who’ll be happy to help you for free. Less effort overall, and a potential higher return.

Collaboration let’s you discover more unique angles (2 heads are better than 1)

Some ideas:

  1. Engaging your non-marketing employees and various departments in content brainstorming and marketing
  2. Including influencers in your content – get industry experts and contributors involved. Get their comments


  1. Question Optimization

“Building content for keywords is over. Humans rule the internet. Building content for humans is the name of the game”

And specifically to answer the questions

  • Think Voice search – how do people search using voice
  • Think featured snippets (or position zero, as its called)
  • Think “people also ask” section”

Write content to answers the questions the people are asking.

“There are lots of tools that allow you to research popular questions, but the one I tend to recommend using is Text Optimizer which is a semantic analysis tool.”

Tools to Use:

More sources of niche question research include:

  • Your customer support and sales teams (again, collaborate with them on creating content)
  • Social media (especially Twitter comments)
  • Quora, Reddit, and Amazon Q&A sections
  • Online reviews and discussion boards, etc.


  1. Content Personalization

“Dynamic personalization is another trend that is making its way into the marketing industry, despite all the growing privacy concerns.”

Marketing personalization means customizing the web experience for each particular user.

These days, personalization is expected from your brand. It also helps brands catch their customers’ attention in this era of information overload.

Personalisation Tools

  • Personalized CTAs using Hubspot’s Smart CTA
  • Lemlist is s great email outreach tool, that let you personalise videos and images within a mailout campaign


Content Strategies to consider

Writing a post, brainstorming, or planning to?

  • Content Ideas – read this by Neil Patel (you’ll never have to dream up a new idea again)
  • 10X is your way to the top – Brian Dean from Backlinko
  • Quora strategy – search within your industry or topics. Locate common questions. Build content to answers the questions and discussion amongst users.


The Structure of content

  1. Content should be malleable to play on different platforms
    1. WP Blog Post – should have the video at the top. It should have shortlinks/anchors to jump to different sections.
    2. Social media posts – should have headlines and grab, in either image or video based (facebook and Instagram)
    3. Google My Business Posts – (are shorter – 1500 characters)
    4. Pinterest should be “wow visual”
  2. It needs to be internally and externally linked
  3. Content should be in Video form
  4. You should drive paid traffic to blog posts
  5. Technically it should server SEO – headers, meta, schema


In summary..

Content is evolving. Kill it or be killed. And by that I mean Kill it by writing killer content

Go get ’em