Have a ton of emails in your gmail? Want to extract the email addresses?

Or you been emailing people for years, with no CRM and now you have the idea you want to start email marketing to them. And yes… ou’re right…. Google doesnt make it easy to do this.


How to export your emails, to extract email addresses

Step 1:

Add this chrome extension to your chrome browser


Step 2:

Detailed Instructions here


Step 3:

Then go to you Labels Tab “Client gmail label.”  and Click the download arrow

how to extract emails from gmail

Step 4:

Choose what to export

  1. Click on Save label to CSV to Google Sheets
  2. Name your spreadsheet
  3. Select the columns you want to have in your spreadsheet:

Step 5:

You now have the CSV file.

Delete unwanted columns to leave the name and email addresses

Upload the CSV file to your favourite email marketing software.

And away you go!