Digital Checklist For Setting Up A New Service Area

Say for example you are a service based business.. Plumber, Roofer, Locksmith, Pest Control, etc. You typically have field agents (technicians) that cover a specific location, city, town, postal code. So you hire a new guy to cover a new location, now you need to start focus marketing efforts on that new location.

Here are the items you need to check off for setting up a new service location;

  1. Website – create new location page
  2. Google Ads – adjust your targeting to new location
  3. Facebook Ads – adjust targeting to location
  4. Facebook Ads Boost post –
    1. “Hello {insert new location}  residents and businesses. We’re now serving your location…”
  5. SEO Provider – talk to your SEO provider and get them to add a new location to monthly service
  6. Google My Business – add service areas to the listing
    1. Do you have a new office? Then get a new GMB Listing
  7. Yelp Profile – add the new service area
  8. Update any other listings sites.. like Homestars, BBB, Hoouzz. Update your profile with the new location
  9. Go through your old leads / sales data (hope you’re organized here, or have a CRM in place)
    1. Filter out the people you could not serve before, but you can now
  10. Get a new telephone number for that location


  1. Do some Local PR – contact the local news company for a feature
  2. Look for some local partners, suppliers and build local connections
  3. Search for local Facebook groups in that location. Business support groups, neighbourhood groups, etc.
  4. If its a new city, join that Chamber of commerce
  5. Research other business groups in that location

And if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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