Regardless of platform you use, this simple 5-step checklist will help you get setup and optimised for SEO and Local SEO. Best platform for SEO is WordPress, so there some items are specific for that platform.

STEP 1: Keyword Research

What general keywords (phrases) are you going after?
Who is already ranking for those phrases?
Use Google keyword planner to get search quantity and suggest other keywords.
(In the keyword planner, you will have to have an active account to get these numbers)
Other tools to check are: semrush & keywords everywhere

STEP 2: On-page SEO

Check WP setting is set to be search engine friendly. Index vs noindex
Check permalink structure: Settings >> Permalinks

Install Yoast SEO plugin
Optimize Yoast for correct settings

Optimize each page for:
1: Title tag: Use Main keyword for that page – Do not use Yoast’s feature for template variables
2: Description tag: Use keyword and call to action
3: H1 h2 h3 h4

Download ScreamingFrog website analysis tool
Analyze the site

Image Optimization:
A. reduce size
B. EXIF data: insert NAP (name address phone), website
C. Add Alt text

Check Content – Thin content

Add Schema:
JSON-LD – You can use a plugin but I actually build it out on a schema generator and then paste it into the footer.
Check schema with Google data testing tool

Check Internal Linking (screaming frog)
Check for Broken links

Content silos
Use keyword semantics

UX & copywriting

Check Load time ( GTmetrix )
Fix load problems

Connect G Analytics and Search Console
Connect Google My Business
Optimize GMB
Connect website to GMB

STEP 3. Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis: Use tools like Ahrefs .com
Competitor Analysis

Optimize Social Properties, such as Youtube.
Add videos to channel that match client or website. This could be a variety of different videos. I personally think that interview videos are really strong for conversion.
Optimize the channel: add all social properties into YT.
Add website URL and all social properties to all videos published. Syndicate videos to IFTTT network

Build out all of your social accounts
Build out social links

Build MyMaps with all of your data and social accounts.
Syndicate it out via IFTTT social network

Do a Press Release

Image optimization sharing: share your optimized images to picture sharing sites. Optimized images = EXIF data with your Name Address Phone and Website.
Syndicate those photos to picture sharing sites.

STEP 4. Tracking

Track rankings: I use software to track my keyword rankings
Check Analytics: Google Analytics and GSC

STEP 5. Setup Conversions Goals

Check Conversion stats / goals